Will Riker Trombone Take The A Train?

Does Jonathan Frakes play the trombone in real life?

Jonathan Frakes has been playing the trombone since he was nine years old. Session musicians were hired by the producers to overdub his play.

Does Riker ever become admiral?

Riker was appointed to the position of admiral. He was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Federation in 2406 after being promoted to fleet admiral three years earlier.

Does Riker ever become captain of the Enterprise?

Riker is promoted to the rank of captain through a field promotion in the two-part episode “The Best of Both Worlds.” Picard is rescued by Riker in the two-part episode “The Best of Both Worlds.”

What is Rikers rank in Picard?

Riker is often called Will. Captain Picard calls him “Number One” because he was the first officer on the Enterprise.

Who is the most famous person to play the trombone?

There is a person named Johnson. J.J. Johnson was one of the first trombonists to play in the bebop style.


Does Brent Spiner actually play the guitar?

It is not possible to say yes. They used real musicians to play for him. Riker plays the trombone, but Jonathan Frakes plays it. It is not possible to say yes.

Why isn t Picard an admiral?

Picard was considered for the position of admiral a number of times. He regretted becoming an admiral, even though he turned it down. He was taken away from his ship by that. Being a captain is the first thing he wants to do.

What is Spock’s highest rank?

The entire series has Spock’s rank as Commander, not Lieutenant Commander. He wears the rank of Commander in this picture. In the discussion of the’slingshot’ around the Sun, Spock refers to looking for the Sun’s’magnetic attraction’.

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Did Captain Janeway serve on the Enterprise?

Janeway was a member of the ship’s crew. She was a member of the ship’s sciences division.

Why does Picard have a pitbull?

Picard’s dog was inspired by the work of Patrick Stewart. The legendary actor fell in love with another person.

Is Picard a better captain than Kirk?

Picard’s skills as a debater, as well as his acting techniques, make him a better captain than Patrick Stewart. He is more willing to work with his entire crew and not just the two men he has on each mission.

What instrument does Jonathan Frakes play?

Frakes used his college marching band experience to play on the trombone during his time as Commander Riker.

Can Xavier Woods actually play the trombone?

A classically trained trombonist since the age of three, Woods was destined to play trombone professionally until a tragic spit-valve accident derailed his musical career.

Can Wendell Pierce really play trombone?

The actor who plays a trombonist in the TV show is not actually a trombonist. He took lessons to make his handling of the instrument look believable on screen.

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