Why Are Violin Bows So Expensive?

Pernambuco wood from Brazil and horsehair from Mongolia are some of the raw materials used in the bows. The skills of the bow maker are what make it worth it. It is possible to produce just one bow for a week.

Does an expensive violin bow make a difference?

Choosing the best quality bow that you can, within reason, is definitely to your advantage because the bow is responsible for half of the sound that you get. It is within reason that a great bow is not going to make a less expensive instrument sound better.

How much should you pay for a violin bow?

A beginner’s bow can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, while a professional bow can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re an advanced student studying violin, you don’t need to pay more than $500 for the right bow.

How much is an expensive violin bow?

A new world record has been set for the most expensive violin bow ever sold at an auction. The world’s highest price for a violin bow was paid on Monday.

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How much should I spend on a violin bow vs violin?

I spent 1/3 of my violin price on a new bow. I ended up spending less than 1/3 of the cost on a new bow because the violin had appreciated over time. I am very pleased with my violin bow.

How do I know if my violin bow is good?

The bow should be light in weight. It should not be too weak or soft, it should not collapse easily on the hair, or flex too much. It should be straight when you look at it. Legato, spiccato, sautillé, and so on are some of the bow styles that you can play.

How long do violin bows last?

If all or most of the hairs are still intact, it’s enough for most people. Lucheiers recommend getting a bow rehair every six months, according to Laurie Niles.


Does violin bow Quality Matter?

One mistake players make is to put the majority of their budget into the instrument and not buy a bow. It’s important to make sure the quality of the bow you buy matches the quality of the instrument.

Can you Rehair a violin bow yourself?

A lot of violinists pay someone to rehair their bow. It’s more convenient and less dangerous. I highly recommend you hire a professional if you are able to. It’s possible to do it on your own.

How many bows should a violinist have?

They like having two bows, one in each violin case, so that they don’t have to move their bow around. Electric bowed string instrument players like to combine their instruments with bows made of carbon fiber.

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Is a violin a good investment?

There is a short answer that is absolutely true. According to the Telegraph, when it comes to a safe place for your money, a rare old violin is the best.

What is the difference between violin bows?

The part of the bow that is held in the hand is called the frog, and it is different between the two bows. The rounded shape of the frog on the viola bow is similar to that on the violin bow. The difference in weight is not as easy to spot as the difference in size.

Does quality matter violin?

If your violin has good basic tone across strings and is set up correctly with good strings, you can have all you need. You will know when you need more from an instrument.

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