Which Ukulele Has The Widest Nut?

What is the nut width of a tenor ukulele?

There are a lot of questions about nut width. The average nut width is 35mm, but many brands have a nut width as wide as 38mm. Is it possible that you are playing the wrong strings while trying to fret?

What is the nut width of a baritone ukulele?

The standard nut width for most ukes is 1.375″, and sometimes Sopranos are narrower than that, and usually baritones are also standard with a 1.5 inch nut width.

How wide is the neck of a ukulele?

The nut on the neck is usually 35mm wide. There are two scale lengths for frons: 17 and 15. The length of the neck is determined by the 14th fret, which is where the neck joint is located.

What is a good size ukulele for an adult?

The classic uke sound can be heard in Hawaii in the traditional size of the Soprano. This size is perfect for people of all ages, from beginners to more experienced players.


What are the different sizes of ukuleles?

There are four main sizes of ukuleles, each with its own size. There is a significant impact on both the sound and the playability of each size.

How long is the neck on a tenor ukulele?

There is a person who is a janitor. The ukulele is similar to the concert and Soprano sizes in that it has a full, rich tone, wide-spaced frets and a 19-fret neck.

What is a fret on a ukulele?

The ukulele has a raised line that goes across the instrument’s neck. A fret is a marker that helps you find the notes on the instrument.

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Are ukulele fretboards radiused?

Mya-Moe ukuleles have a 12 inch radius on all their instruments. The player’s ability and speed are greatly affected by this slight radius.

How wide is an acoustic guitar neck?

The nut width on acoustic guitars is between 41mm and 51mm on the small side and between 2mm and 3mm on the wide side. The width of a steel- string acoustic guitar is usually somewhere in the middle. The standard neck width is between 43mm and 44mm.

Can you replace the nut on a ukulele?

You can do it on your own. Graph Tech nuts and saddles are used by major ukulele manufacturers such as Kala, Mahalo, Kanilea and Lana. The NuBone and NuBoneXB nuts and saddles are easy to install.

How wide is the neck of a baritone ukulele?

One of the guitars I built had a fretting template that started at the fourth fret. The Baritone bodies are between 14 and 10 feet in length.

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