Where Is 2 Set Violin From?

Where does TwoSet Violin come from?

TwoSet Violin is an Australian classical music violin duo that makes classical music more relevant to a new audience through their online personality.

Is TwoSet Violin Taiwanese?

The Taiwanese-Australian violinist duo, better known online as Two Set Violin, is comprised of two people, one born in 1992 and the other in 1993.

Is TwoSet Violin from Singapore?

TwoSet, a group of Taiwanese-born Australian violinists, are known for popularising classical music with their comical videos. There was a sold out concert with the Singapore symphony orchestra.


What is the TwoSet Violin controversy?

TwoSet Violin has come under fire for a song called “Sell Out.” TwoSet Violin is a musical comedy duo made up of two violinists. They are best known for their musical comedy on their website.

Are two set good violinists?

They have a lot of experience making music with other musicians and they are both excellent musicians. Close coordination is required for that to happen. All violinists in the section have to play the same notes at the same time and in the same way.

Does Eddy Chen have a wife?

For a few months, the life of the Chen family was quiet. The family was sequestered in their L.A. apartment, which included cooking, exercising, and watching TV.

Are Brett and Eddy from Taiwan?

There is a camera. Two Set Violin is a Taiwanese-Australian comedy duo that performs on the internet.

Is the violin Chinese?

The spike fiddle, also known as the erhu, is a Chinese two- stringed bowed musical instrument that is sometimes called a Southern Fiddle.

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What kind of violins do TwoSet use?

TwoSet Violin has two Stradivari violins that have been lent to them by Tarisio. The ‘Empress Caterina’ and the ‘Regent Superb’ were made during the golden age of the maker.

Are Brett and Eddy from Taiwan?

The camera is a Canon. Two Set Violin is a Taiwanese-Australian comedy duo that performs on the internet.

Where did Ling Ling come from?

Ling Ling was born in Beijing, China. China gave him to Japan and the Ueno Zoo in exchange for a panda that was born in Japan.

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