What Violin Does Ray Chen Play?

He plays an instrument. There is a loan from the foundation. The instrument was once owned by a renowned violinist.

Does Ray Chen have a Stradivarius?

On a social media video post, Ray Chen stated that he had a new companion. The 1714 ‘Dolphin, ex-Heifetz’ Stradivari violin’ was given to Chen by the foundation.

What violin does Hilary Hahn play?

Hilary is the owner of a couple of violins. Her main instrument was the 1864 Guarneri model that she started playing at the age of 14. She talks about how the 1865 Stradivari model entered her life a few years ago and why she bought a second violin.

Is Ray Chen good at violin?

Chen is one of the most talented and accomplished young violinists to have emerged from Australia according to Professor Goetz. Kerry Smith is one of his violin teachers.

How much does Ray Chen’s violin cost?

The 1714 “Dolphin” stradivarius is owned by the NMF and it is estimated to be worth four million euro.

How much is a real Stradivarius violin?

The most expensive violin in the world is the Messiah, which has an estimated value of $20 million. The instrument was made in 1716 and is in very good shape.

What violin does Brett Yang have?

TwoSet Violin has two Stradivari violins that have been lent by the Tarisio Philharmonic Orchestra. The ‘Empress Caterina’ and the ‘Regent Superb’ were made during the golden age of the maker.


What is the highest quality violin?

Antonio Stradivari’s violins are considered to be the best in the world due to their tone. Even in a large concert hall with an audience of thousands of players, musicians playing on violins can be heard from far away.

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What violin does Chloe Chua play?

A one-year loan on a 1625 Amati violin was one of the violins Chua has played on. She performs on a Peter Guarneri, Mantua 1729, which is in the Rin Collection.

Which violinists play a Stradivarius?

This 1696 viola was once owned by Paganini, who is one of the famous figures who has played a Stradivarius. They are on loan to many famous violinists.

Who owns a real Stradivarius violin?

Felix’s family had a link to the violin. A descendant of a wealthy American industrial family acquired a violin in 1990 and passed it on to his granddaughter.

Who owns the Da Vinci Stradivarius violin?

In 1974 the violin sold for over $300,000 at an auction. Tokuji Munetsugu, a Japanese restaurant chain magnate, owns it and sponsors an international violin competition in Japan.

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