What Kind Of Bass Guitar Does Flea Play?

The ‘Punk Bass’ was painted red, white and blue and covered in graphics featuring Flea’s favourite punk bands, it’s a custom model of the bass guitar that Flea’s most recognisable and probably icon.

Which bass guitar does Flea use?

The Flea Active Jazz Bass can play jazz music. Flea’s prized Jazz Bass is an authentic 1961 Shell Pink Jazz Bass that he received from a fan in 2000.

What bass did Flea use on Stadium Arcadium?

The bass he used for Stadium Arcadium was 61 years old. Flea switched back and forth between using the Jazz Bass and the Modulus Signature bass on the tour.

What bass did Flea play on Unlimited Love?

The bass amplifier is a new aspect of the show. He told the editor of Bass Player Magazine that he is no longer an endorser of Gallien-Krueger’s.

Does Flea play bass guitar?

Punk rock by Kiedis was one of the things Flea was introduced to. Slovak asked Flea to be a bassist in his band, Anthym.


Why is it called a jazz bass?

The Jazzmaster guitar’s design elements were used to create the design elements for theDeluxe Model. It was renamed the Jazz Bass in order to appeal to jazz musicians because it had a more rounded neck than the Precision Bass.

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What type of strings does Flea use?

The world has been counting on the formula of the GHS Bass Boomers for a long time. The bass boomer is a nickel plated steel wrap wire with a special combination of two metals on the string. This string has added strength thanks to the Boomer core.

How good is Flea bass?

Flea is one of the most respected bassists in contemporary music because of his talent. He’s become a hugely influential bass player, not only because he’s a great bass player, but also because he’s been heralded as a great bass player.

Did Flea invent slap bass?

The slap bass guitar was invented by Larry Graham. Graham said he was just trying to create a drum-like sound to flesh out the rhythm in the Family Stone.

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