What Is Trombone Cream Used For?

Superslick Slide Cream provides butter smooth, silent slide action and is a Cornerstone of Superslick’s 50-year reputation. The slide action is enhanced by the combination of slide cream and silicone treatment.

How often should you give your trombone a bath?

It’s a good idea to give your trombone a bath every now and then. The process will take fifteen minutes once you start doing it. The trombone needs a bath in order to be thoroughly cleaned. The easiest place to do it is in the bath tub or wash basin.

Can you use Vaseline as slide grease?

It’s best to use pure lanolin for lubricating the tuning slides, it’s good in a pinch.

Can I put Vaseline on my trombone slide?

It’s not a good idea to use Vaseline on your brass instrument because it will mix with the water and oil and cause it to sludging up the valves. If you want to clean the tuning slides, you can use a snake brush.

How long does it take to get good at trombone?

It takes about 10,000 hours of authentic engagement to gain basic, professional competence, however with a small amount of practice daily and some good quality lessons, an adult can join a beginner ensemble in a few months.

Should you put water on a trombone slide?

The slide should be moistened with a water spray bottle if it slows down. A small water spray bottle in your pocket can be very useful.

What happens when you don’t clean your trombone?

If you allow dirt, water, and other debris to accumulate in your instrument, it can cause problems.

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What is slide cream used for?

The one-step cream has been used by students and pros for a long time. Long- lasting lubrication is provided by rubbing a small amount into the slide.

Why is my trombone slide scratchy?

It’s usually a good sign that the brass outer tubes have begun to get dirty when the slide sounds a bit squishy. It’s not difficult to clean a trombone, but you should spend at least 20 minutes doing it right. Be sure to be careful when handling your trombone.

What is slide cream?

The slide cream is similar to the traditional cold-cream style lubricant but in a squeeze bottle. Spread a small amount on the inner slide tubes, work the outer slide back and forth to spread the cream evenly, and apply a fine mist of water before you play.

Can you use slide cream for tuning slide?

You can put a small amount of cream on your finger. It is important that you use trombone slide cream and not slide grease. Grease should only be used for tuning slides because it’s too thick and sticky.

Can you use slide cream on valves?

It’s better to use a slide lubricant than valve oil. It’s better to practise the horn with valve oil than not practise at all.

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