What Does Viola Think Of Feste?

At this point, Cesario will be waiting for her in the garden, and while Feste is gone, Viola soliloquizes about the nature of “playing the fool.” She knows Feste’s intelligence, but it takes a mature sensitivity to deal with differing temperaments and moods of superiors.

What does Viola say about Feste?

The wise men are tainting their wit with folly-fall’n. Feste’s witticism requires a lot of intelligence and skill, and is comparable to the work of a scholar or wise man, as stated by Viola.

Why do Viola and Feste get along?

Why do viola and feste like each other? They are both smart and witty, and they understand each other.

Does Feste know Cesario is Viola?

There are times in the play where Feste is thought to be present. Some critics have suggested that there are times when Feste knows more about Viola/Cesario’s disguise than he says, and certain stage and film adaptation have taken this approach with their portrayal of the fool.

How does Olivia feel about Feste?

After her uncle leaves, she sends Feste to look after him, because she was amused by his cleverness. She wants to make sure he doesn’t get seriously injured in his intoxication.

What does Feste say about fools and husbands?

It’s better to be a witty fool than a stupid one. Feste’s most famous quote is about his position in the play. Feste says that even though he is employed as a fool, it doesn’t mean he is stupid. He may be a jester but he is also a worldly person.

What makes Viola think that Olivia has fallen in love with her?

Disguise, I can see that you are a wicked person. Viola is worried that she has fallen in love with a person who thinks she is Cesario. She realized that the disguise also created problems for her, even though she initially thought it would make her life simpler.

What is Olivia’s real reason for asking him to return?

Cesario swore toOlivia that he would never have a mistress of his heart. She begged him to come back, suggesting that Cesario might be able to convince her to fall in love with Orsino.

How does Antonio feel when Viola doesn’t know who he is?

No one knows who Antonio is, that’s why Viola doesn’t know. Sebastian is betraying Antonio by pretending not to know him, and he is very sad. He rebuked Sebastian, who was shocked and hurt.

Why does Viola disguise herself as a man?

In Twelfth Night, Viola dresses as the male Cesario in order to get into the court of Orsino. In Elizabethan England, women were not allowed to act professionally, and female parts were only performed by men, so Viola would have been played by a male actor.

How old is Olivia Twelfth Night?

The play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare does not reveal the exact age of Olivia. She’s most likely in her 20s.

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What does Feste did at the end of the play Twelfth Night?

Feste says that the world began a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean anything now. One man’s troubles do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

What does Feste imply about Maria and Sir Toby shut her up?

Feste implies that Maria and Sir Toby should be stopped. Toby would get married to Maria if he stopped drinking. You just studied a bunch of terms.

How is Feste clever?

Feste is the most intelligent character in the play and according to the convention. He is the most wise of all of them. He’s the most famous of Shakespeare’s fools and he’s an example of the fool in Renaissance drama. He is free to move among the other characters.

How does Shakespeare use Feste?

The wisest character in the play is the paid fool, according to Shakespeare. Twelfth Night Feste entertains and criticizes the other characters through his revealing songs and witty wordplay while also making them reflect on their current circumstances.

What does Feste mean when he says Foolery sir does walk about the orb like the sun it shines everywhere?

Feste claims that the orb is like the sun, and it shines everywhere. There are 37 and 38 words. Feste hints that he can walk in any social circle if he shows more content.

Why is Viola loyal?

She becomes Orsino’s page after making herself useful to him. She becomes his friend because she gives him good advice. Viola is loyal to Orsino’s interests and tries to fulfill her duties as his attendant.

What does Viola realize about her disguise at the end of the scene?

Cesario was reprimanded by Malvolio for leaving the ring with the other person. Viola pretended that she gave the ring toOlivia and that she was the one who gave it to him.

What does Viola say to Olivia?

“I am not what I am and that she can never love a woman” is what Viola said when she tried to be honest withOlivia.

Who does Antonio draw his sword to save from Sir Andrew?

Sir Andrew was told by Antonio to put up his sword if he wanted to fight Antonio. When a group of officers enter, Sir Toby is ready to fight Antonio.

What did Viola say to convince Olivia was Olivia convinced?

Olivia can consider Cesario as her servant because Orsino is her servant and Cesario is his, even if he doesn’t know what his name is.

Why does Malvolio think that the letter is from Olivia to him?

She has written a letter to Malvolio in order to make him believe that the letter is an expression ofOlivia’s love for him. She left the letter in the garden where Malvolio will find it and told Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian to hide so they wouldn’t see Malvolio’s responses.

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What does Olivia admit about Viola once she left?

She remembers asking Cesario if he was upperclass during their conversation. She knows he’s a gentleman. Act 1 What do you think about Viola when she’s gone? Cesario is the reason she is falling in love with him.

What happens when Andrew sees Sebastian?

What will happen when Sir Andrew and Sebastian meet up? Sir Andrew threw the first punch because he thought Sebastian was Cesario. Cesario wouldn’t fight back, but since he’s sebastian, the audience knows he’s going to be beaten up.

Why did Orsino marry Viola?

There are two reasons that Orsino would like to marry Viola. The first reason is that he has already been impressed by the devotion and fidelity she showed while pretending to be him.

Why is Andrew leaving Olivia’s house?

Apparently, Sir Andrew is not very smart. Sir Toby was told by Sir Andrew that he doesn’t like him and that he doesn’t thinkOlivia likes him. He thinks that Orsino will be the one to choose over him when he leaves the next day. Sir Toby makes him feel good about staying.

How did Viola prove to Sebastian that she is his sister?

She can prove her identity by taking them to the home of a sea captain who knows of her disguise and is keeping her women’s clothes for her.

Why does Viola want to conceal her identity?

What motivates this person? There is an answer that isn’t quite clear. On the other hand, it’s possible that Viola hides her identity because she can’t face a world without her brother. It would align Viola with the other people who cloister themselves like nuns to mourn the death of their brother.

Why does Viola keep her identity private?

If she serves her, Viola thinks she can keep her identity a secret. She changed her appearance to look like her brother in order to serve in the military. What is Sir Toby’s relation toOlivia?

How does Viola indirectly tell Orsino of her love?

Orsino said that Viola/Cesario had terrible taste in lines 30 to 40 and that she was like Orsino in age and appearance. Feste comes to sing his song and the conversation is stopped.

How is Feste presented in Twelfth Night?

Feste has a job of entertaining by singing, dancing, cracking jokes, and bagging on everyone around him. He embodies the spirit of Twelfth Night, which is all about having a good time and flipping the bird to authority figures.

How old is Malvolio in Twelfth Night?

Twelfth Night does not reveal Malvolio’s age. He may be in his 20s or 30s.

Is Sir Andrew in love with Olivia?

Sir Andrew is a great source of comedy relief, but his friends don’t like him and he isn’t able to get her to love him. He left before the end of the play because he didn’t have enough money or love.

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Are Sebastian and Viola twins?

Sebastian and Viola are related. Sebastian was drowned in the sea, after the beginning of the play, according to Viola.

What is Olivia’s opinion of Malvolio?

Malvolio was rebuked for his “self-love” and said that Feste’s insults were only “birdbolts” that did no damage. It was 77 to 78.

What is his relationship with Viola?

Viola fell in love with Orsino even though she continued to plead her case. Under the impression that she was Cesario,Olivia fell in love with her. When Sebastian came to Illyria, he was mistaken for Cesario and was asked to marry her.

How are Sebastian and Viola similar?

While dressed as Cesario, other people don’t think she’s manly. Olivia sees Viola as a good looking person. Sebastian is considered to be beautiful for his looks and his mind.

Why Twelfth Night is named so?

The twelfth night after Christmas Day is referred to as “Twelfth Night”. It was once a Catholic holiday and now is a Christian feast day. People dressed as their masters, men as women, and so on.

Is Feste the hero of Twelfth Night?

William Shakespeare wrote a comedy called Twelfth Night. He is in the same household as the Countess. He has been there for a while, as he was a fool that the father of the lady took a lot of pleasure in.

What is the message of this song delivered by Feste?

The duke asked for the old and antique song that he heard yesterday. The song “Come away, Come away, death” will be sung by Feste. The sad death of a young man whose love for a cruel maid was not reciprocated is the theme of the song.

What does Malvolio think of Feste How does Feste feel about Malvolio?

Feste is enamored with Malvolio’s arrogance, and he easily parries Malvolio’s weak wit to impress her. She tells Malvolio that he is not happy with himself. She says that jesters are harmless and that Feste is proof of Malvolio.

What does Feste say to Malvolio?

After Malvolio angrily claimed that he was as sane as Feste, he added the final insult by saying that he was no better in his wits than a fool.

What makes Viola think that Olivia has fallen in love with her?

I see that you are a wicked person. Viola is worried that she has fallen in love with a person who thinks she is Cesario. She realized that the disguise also created problems for her, even though she initially thought it would make her life simpler.

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