What Does Olivia Tell Viola About The Ring?

What does Olivia confess to Viola?

She admitted that the ruse of the forgotten ring and sending Malvolio was only an excuse to have Cesario come back to her.

Did Viola give Olivia a ring?

Viola pretended that she gave the ring toOlivia and that she was the one who gave it to him. Malvolio was told that he must keep the ring because she told him that he had taken it. The ring is thrown onto the ground by Malvolio.

Why does Olivia send her ring to Cesario?

After Cesario left, she sent Malvolio after him with a ring that she pretended was Cesario’s. She found out that she had fallen in love with a young boy.

What is Viola’s concern when Olivia sends the ring?

Malvolio says she sent him to give the ring back and to tell Viola that he doesn’t want to hear from Duke or anyone else. She doesn’t want the ring back because she thinks it was taken from her.

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Why does Olivia call in the priest?

She thought her new spouse was betraying her. She called the priest because she thought the young man in front of him was Sebastian, and he told her that he had just married the young man. Orsino wants Cesario andOlivia to leave together and not come back to him.

How does Viola react when Malvolio tries to give her the ring?

Malvolio wants to return the ring to Viola, how will she react? She is first in denial and then starts to understand how she feels about him.

Why does Viola disguise herself as a man?

In Twelfth Night, Viola dresses as the male Cesario in order to get into the court of Orsino. In Elizabethan England, women were not allowed to act professionally, and female parts were all performed by men, so Viola would have had to be played by a male actor.

Why does Orsino send Viola to Olivia?

She wants to work as a page to Duke Orsino in order to survive. Cesario, Orsino’s new page, goes to court for him despite being rejected before. Cesario/Viola fell in love with her master Orsino, so she went to court against her will.

Why did Olivia send a messenger to Cesario viola with the ring How will this development complicate the plot?

Cesario was sent a messenger with the ring byOlivia. The plot will be complicated by this development. Cesario will have to come back and talk to her now that he has a ring on. Cesario is a girl who loves Duke Orsino.

Why did Antonio give his purse to Sebastian?

Antonio gives Sebastian a purse because he knows Sebastian doesn’t have a lot of money. They will meet at the inn for an hour.

How does Viola indirectly tell Orsino of her love?

Orsino said that Viola/Cesario had terrible taste in lines 30 to 40 and that she was like Orsino in age and appearance. Feste comes to sing his song and the conversation is stopped.

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Why is Olivia mourning in Twelfth Night?

She told the clown that she was mourning her brother’s death and that made her sad. There is a connection between the love she felt for her brother and the love Sebastian and Viola had for each other.

What happens when Andrew sees Sebastian?

What will happen when Sir Andrew and Sebastian meet up? Sir Andrew threw the first punch because he thought Sebastian was Cesario. Cesario wouldn’t fight back, but since he’s sebastian, the audience knows he’s going to be beaten up.

Why does Viola reveal her identity?

Both of Viola’s desires are in conflict with one another, and each is preventing the other from being realized. She can’t explain her love to Orsino without revealing who she is, and she has to hide her feelings.

How did Viola prove to Sebastian that she is his sister?

She can prove her identity by taking them to the home of a sea captain who knows of her disguise and is keeping her women’s clothes for her.

What does Viola realize about her disguise at the end of the scene?

She realized that she had fallen in love with the exterior facade of the person she was with. She was able to comment on theilty of women who are constantly deceived by different disguises.

When Viola will not take the ring from Malvolio Malvolio?

Viola denied that she left the ring when she was accused by Malvolio. There are two words in this sentence: 2.12). Malvolio threw the ring onto the ground and said, “If it be worth stooping for, there it is, in your eye, if not, be it his that finds it”

What is Olivia opinion of Malvolio?

Malvolio’s personality is reflected in the language he uses, which shows how he sees himself as being above other people. There are 86 things to do in 86 days.

What does the ring symbolize in Twelfth Night?

Malvolio was used to send a ring to Cesario whenOlivia wanted to let him know she loved him. She gave Cesario a pearl after she made a mistake to Sebastian. A physical symbol of her romantic attachment to a man who is actually a woman, the jewel is a token of her love.

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Who was Shakespeare’s Viola?

In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Viola was a young woman who later became Cesario. Shakespeare’s example of reason, intelligence, self-control, and mature love can be found in Viola-Cesario.

What do Viola and Olivia seem to have in common?

The young, attractive women of the upper classes seem to have lost a loved one and are similar to Viola andOlivia. They are in love with people who are not likely to requite their love because of gender issues.

Why does Viola meet Olivia?

Why does Viola want to help first the Duke and then the other two? I believe that there is a deeper desire pushing her toward the Duke’s Court and the Duke’s love interest, even though she explains that she wants to serve the Court to regain her reputation.

Are Sebastian and Viola twins?

Sebastian is related to Viola. Sebastian was drowned in the sea, after the beginning of the play, according to Viola.

What age is Viola in Twelfth Night?

In Twelfth Night, Viola’s age is never mentioned, but she is portrayed to be older than she is.

What does Orsino think of Olivia?

He thinks he’s entitled to marry her because he has so much love for her. He said “no woman’s heart so big, to hold so much” and implied love can be quantified.

Who was Viola and what reason does she give for wanting to work for Olivia?

She is pretending to be a young man named Cesario in order to be employed by Orsino. Cesario/Viola was sent by Orsino because he didn’t want her to see him. She enters the house because of Viola’s cleverness.

How does Olivia respond to what Cesario has to say about the Duke’s love?

What do you think about the Duke’s love being said by Viola/Cesario? She is not real according to him.

What happens to Malvolio after he meets Olivia in his yellow stockings?

They decided to lock Malvolio into a dark room because they were happy with the turn of events. Sir Toby knows that since he thinks Malvolio is crazy, he can do what he wants.

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