Is Viola Easier To Learn Than Violin?

The viola is not as easy to play as the violin. The viola has a larger size and heavier weight.

Is the violin or viola better for beginners?

If you can play the violin, then you can play the viola as well. It is much easier to get into an orchestra if you play the viola.

Is the viola difficult to learn?

Orchestras are always on the lookout for a well-performing violist that can join their recital because the viola is a difficult instrument to learn. As a violist, you can take several opportunities. You’ll be in demand as a musician, whether you’re a soloist or an orchestra member.

Is viola good for beginners?

If you’re shopping for a child who’s about to start middle school, a 12” viola is a good choice because it’s a little smaller than a full-sized violin. If you’re a beginner and already have a violin, you can restring it with viola strings.

What age should you start viola?

The best age to start viola lessons is between the ages of 5 and 6 according to many teachers. The best time to start viola lessons is at a later age. The viola is more mellow in tone than the violin, and it is a beautiful instrument.

Is viola harder or violin?

The viola is not as easy to play as the violin. The viola has a larger size and heavier weight.

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Can violinists play viola?

Violinists can learn to play the viola, though the change may present challenges, including holding the larger structure of the viola.


Do you need big hands to play viola?

You can experiment until you find a viola that is comfortable, sound good and that you can play in all positions. If you have small hands, that doesn’t mean you’re a lesser viola player.

Why is it so hard to play the viola?

Some people think it’s the same as playing violins, but it isn’t. It’s even harder to learn violas because of their weight, bow pressure, and size. violists develop muscly hands and fingers because of hours and days of practicing the instrument.

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