How To Mix Electric Guitar Logic Pro X?

How do I connect my electric guitar to Logic Pro X?

The electric instrument can be connected to a channel on the audio interface with a standard 1/2 inch tip-sleeve instrument cable. If you have an audio input port on your computer, you can connect an electric instrument to it. The track’s input source can be chose.

Is Logic Pro X good for mixing?

The answer was swift. Both mixing and mastering can be done with Logic Pro X Stock. Logic Pro X Stock can be used to create decent mixes and masters, even if you don’t want to pay for other 2nd and 3rd party software.

What mixer settings for electric guitar?

If you’re trying to get the guitars to cut through a dense mix, you’ll want to focus on the low mid-range for rhythm guitars, anywhere between 150 to 500hertz, and anywhere between 3 to 5kHz for lead guitars.

What Hz is best for electric guitar?

Don’t sweep too much of the low end because there is a lot of body and fullness between 150 and 250 Hz. A large portion of the character in this region can be found in the lower mids, where clean electric guitars are popular.

How do I get guitar rig into logic?

If you want to hear the instrument’s dry signal in Logic Pro, you need to connect your instrument to your audio interface. There is a plug-in on the Audio track that can be used with GUITAR RIG. The GUITAR RIG Browser can be used to pick an Amp, Effect Rack, or preset.

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Can I plug my electric guitar into my computer?

If you want to connect your guitar to a computer, you’ll need an audio interface. The signal from the guitar is sent to a computer through an audio interface. There are many options for an audio interface and what is best for you is up to you.

How do I connect my electric guitar to my sound system?

Use a guitar cable to connect your guitar to the amplifier. You can adjust the volume on the amplifier. The amplifier should be connected to the speaker using a speaker cable. A combination acoustic guitar amplifier and speakers is required.

What dB should guitar be in a mix?

If you want the meter to peak at no higher than -15dB, you should set the guitar recording level. The average position is -18dB, which is roughly where the meter should be for most of the track. There is a lot of room to raise the volume at the mixing stage.

How loud should guitars be in a mix?

If your mixes give the mastering engineer room to work and cover your noise floor, then you are in a good range. If you want your peaks to be between -18dB and -3dB, you should mix at -23dB LUFS.

How do you EQ guitar out of a song?

If you want to listen to the track step by step, work from left to right on the panel. When the bass is cut, you might want to start cutting the highs from the right to the left. This will hopefully bring an end to the guitar frequencies.

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