How To Get Flute Genshin Impact?

It is possible to get the Flute from gacha. There are three banners where it can be found – the limited character banner, the weapon banner, and the standard banner. It isn’t featured on the weapon banner in Genshin Impact, despite being featured in three weapon banners.

How do you get The Flute sword in Genshin Impact?

The Flute is one of Genshin Impact’s five-star weapons and is only available through Wish. The only way to get one of these swords is as a reward from the game’s banners.

Is The Flute a good sword Genshin Impact?

The Flute is a Rank 10 in A Tier sword that has 42 base attack damage and is able to deal ATK Damage to enemies.

Who is The Flute good on Genshin Impact?

The best characters for The Flute are those with fast normal attacks and AoE damage. Before you can get a 5-star weapon or a more specialized 4-star weapon, you have to use this weapon.

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Can Kaeya use The Flute?

When sprinting continuously for a few seconds, this weapon will increase the attack by 28%. The effect can’t be stacked. There are engravings on the blade of the Flute. One of the characters that uses this weapon is Kaeya.

Is The Flute good on Ayaka?

Ayaka’s damage output will be increased by the Harmonics explosion that deals damage based on her ATK. Every time she does an attack, this builds up.


Where can I get a flute?

gacha can be used to obtain the Flute. There are three banners where it can be found – the limited character banner, the weapon banner, and the standard banner. It isn’t featured on the weapon banner in Genshin Impact, despite being featured in three weapon banners.

Is Lion’s Roar good for Bennett?

If you want to push Bennett into a sub-DPS role, Lion’s Roar is a good option. Bennett’s burst and Elemental Skill both cause Pyro damage, so this works well together.

Is The Flute good on traveler?

She can perform her role very well, even if she isn’t everyone’s choice for a dsp or sub-dsp. It’s a good idea to have the Flute on her because she can heal with her normal attacks.

How do you get Inazuma sword?

The Orobashi’s Legacy world quest line is needed to get the Kitain Cross Spear diagram. You will get a diagram to teach you how to make the Inazuman Polearm weapon once you finish Orobashi’s Legacy: Part V.

What is the best 4 * weapon for Ayaka?

This gives a huge amount of value since Ayaka deals a lot of damage. The Black Sword has four stars. You can only get this through the battle paid pass, but it increases the critical rate and attacks more effectively.

Can we play flute during periods?

The flute can be used for a long time. I agree with you. It happens when you overwork the muscles.

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Is flute easier than guitar?

The flute is more difficult to learn than the guitar. After learning the flute, it’s easier to pick up other woodwind instruments than it is to learn the guitar.

Is The Flute good on Jean?

The Flute is the best option because of Jean’s Attack stat. The Favonius Sword is a great weapon if you are struggling to get it.

How do you get the poke flute?

The Pokeflute is included in the story. You have to clear the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City and obtain the Silph Scope before Mr. Fuji gives you the Pokeflute.

Is Skyrider sword good?

The Skyrider Sword is a good option for people who are just starting to explore the Liyue region but sadly won’t offer much to players who have been playing Genshin Impact for a long time.

Is gladiator finale good for Bennett?

The Gladiator’s finale or Bloodstained Chivalry sets are the best for Bennett’s role. Bennett’s DMG will be raised by 25% by Bloodstained Chivalry and 18% by Gladiator’s finale set. Bennett will get a Normal Attack boost of 35% because he uses swords.

Why is Bennett unlucky?

Bennett has been unlucky. Bennett’s bad luck has resulted in former members of his team being injured. During his hang-out event, he can come face to face with a former team member who berates him for having bad luck.

How do you get alley flash?

There isn’t a way to get The Alley Flash right now. It was available in the Weapon Wish Banner from December 14, 2021 to January 4, 2022, but only for a limited time.

Is Lion’s Roar good for Kaeya?

Lion’s Roar is doable yet something of a last resort, as it will benefit Kaeya’s skill but his burst will remove the Pyro affliction very quickly, rendering the passive obsolete.

Is the black sword good for the traveler?

What is the best sword to use for The Traveler? You can run traveler as a melee dps, Flute if you have it, black sword if you have a battle pass, and prototype rancour going FTP.

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What sword is best for traveler?

The Skyward blade is the best weapon to use. FesteringDesire can be used as a replacement weapon.

Is the flute good for Xingqiu?

If you have a flute, it’s a good thing. I like the flute on him, but it’s not as good as it could be. If you want him to be the main player, give him a flute or a smth.

Does Ayato scale with HP?

Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and ATK% should be in Ayato’s build if he wants them. HP% is the fourth stat that should be prioritised if you want to play him as a main player.

Is Ayato a DPS?

The kit is well-rounded and the number of builds should vary. Even though he can be played as a sub-DPS, many players will want to keep him on the field as a main player.

Is the black sword good for Ayato?

The Black Sword increases Kamisato Ayato’s Normal Attack and Charged Attack damage by a significant amount, making it one of the best choices for him. Additional healing can be granted by the weapon.

How do you get 160 Primogems a day?

For free in Genshin, you can get 160 primogems every day with the daily commission. You can get four quests in the daily commission section if you complete them. The tasks give 20 primogems after they are completed.

How do you get 60 Primogems fast?

One of the easiest ways to get Primogems is with daily commission. If you complete all four Daily Commissions and claim the Daily Commission completion reward from Katheryne, you’ll get 60 Primogems.

How old is Zhongli?

It’s not clear what the age is, but it confirms that Zhongli isn’t below 6000 years. The oldest character in Gen Shin Impact is Zhongli.

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