How To Apply Trombone Slide Grease?

If you want to keep the slide slippery, apply a thin layer of slide cream at the bottom and then spray a mist of water. Remove the outer slide and set it aside so the cream can be applied to the rest of the slide.

How often should you grease your trombone slide?

Depending on how often you play your instrument, you should lubricate your trombone slide every week or two.

Can you use Vaseline as slide grease?

If you want to keep the tuning slides free of seizing, don’t use Vaseline or any other type of petroleum jelly on them. The grease that’s created for brass instruments is called slide grease.

How do I make my trombone slide smoother?

If you want to keep the slide slippery, apply a thin layer of slide cream at the bottom and then spray a mist of water. Remove the outer slide and set it aside so the cream can be applied to the rest of the slide.


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Why is my trombone slide sticking?

The slide sticks if something is bent. The slide will stick if there is dirt in it. If you think you’re dealing with a lot of dirt, you can take your trombone apart and give it a bath.

Can you use tuning slide grease on a trombone slide?

After applying a small amount of slide grease, you can clean the dirt from the inner tuning slide. This grease can only be used on tuning slides. It should not be used on the slide. The tuning slides back and forth so that the grease is distributed evenly.

Can valve oil be used as slide oil?

It’s not a good idea to grease your slides with valve oil. The valve oil is meant to allow you to play the trumpet. It is important that your slides are loose enough to be played on. Grease and oil should be used for slides.

What is trombone slide oil made of?

Synthetic oils are becoming more and more available, but mineral oil is usually the main ingredient.

What can I use if I don’t have slide grease?

Lanolin can do a better job than tuning slide grease. If you don’t have anything else, there are other products that can work. In terms of efficacy and ease of use, tuning slide grease is somewhere between the two.

Why is my trombone flat?

The first bass and bass embouchure is usually larger than what you used to use, so you have to set it up for a smaller one. The horn is made flat by this. If you have a problem with your bass trombone’s embouchure, you might want to use a bigger mouth for it.

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Can you use WD40 on a trombone slide?

It is a general purpose cleaner and it works well in some applications, but not so well in others. If you were going to use it as a slide lube on a trumpet, it might get into the valves and make them gummy.

What is a good lubricant for brass?

It’s best to use pure lanolin for lubricating tuning slides, it’s good in a pinch.

Does Vaseline corrode brass?

It is bad for brass and should never be used. If you want to prevent slides and caps from sticking, you need to move them and greasing them once a month. A trumpet cleaning rod can be used to clean the tuning slide receiver.

Do dents affect trombone sound?

The sound, intonation, and air flow of the instrument will be affected by any dents that decrease the size of the tubing. The trombone’s main slide is made up of the inner and outer slides. There are Trombone dents on both slides.

How do you lubricate?

It is not a good idea to apply lubricant to genitals. If you want to care for your lover or yourself, rub your fingers on your hand and squeeze a small amount into it.

Can you use trumpet valve oil on a trombone slide?

If you want to use trumpet valve oil on your trombone, be aware that it isn’t made for a trombone slide.

How often should you clean your trombone?

It’s a good idea to give your trombone a bath every now and then. The process will take fifteen minutes once you start doing it. The trombone needs a bath in order to be thoroughly cleaned. The easiest place to do it is in the bath tub or wash basin.

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What tuning do you put on a trombone slide?

If you can, remove the tuning slide. The inner and outer slides need to be cleaned thoroughly. Grease should be applied to the inner slide once the tuning slide is clean. If you did it correctly, you should have greased the slide.

What note do trombones tune to?

In concert pitch, the trombone is referred to as trombone in Bb. The bottom of the staff F should be in first position if the F-attachments are changed to fourth line F. Bass trombonists need to tune their main tuning slide and F attachment.

Can you use vegetable oil instead of valve oil?

There is no substitute for valve oil. If you use an oil or Silicone based lubricant, like T-9, it can cause serious damage to your instrument because it can eat away at the nickel in it.

Can you use blue juice valve oil on a trombone?

Blue Juice is a fast and reliable oil that can be used on all brass instruments.

Does Blue Juice valve oil expire?

The answer is yes, if you think “old oil breaks down in the bottle” Depending on the oil, the average lifespan is 2 to 3 years.

What happens if you drink valve oil?

After drinking valve oil, the biggest risk is aspirating it into your lungs, which is usually someone trying to throw it up. There is no good way to get mineral oils out of your lungs.

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