How Much Is A Gemeinhardt Flute M2 Worth?

There are Gemeinhardt M2 flutes in the price range of $200 to $500.

How much does a used Gemeinhardt flute cost?

The body and footjoint of the flute are made of sterling silver. It was serviced by Giant Steps Music. The M.S.R.P. is a brand new item.

Is gemeinhardt a good flute?

Gemeinhardt is one of the best flute manufacturers out there. The quality of their wind instruments makes them one of the best brands in the flute market category, even though they aren’t well known or popular.

Which Gemeinhardt Flutes are solid silver?

The Gemeinhardt 2SH student flute has a solid silver headjoint and is easy to play.

Do flutes hold their value?

Due to their reputation, they are good for resale when you upgrade your flute. The best Yamaha’s were made before the year 2010.

What is the difference between gemeinhardt 1SP and 2SP?

The 2SP has a 5 year warranty compared to a 3 year warranty for the 1SP. China makes both of the new models. Our 2SP used flute is made in the US, has a heavier silver coating, and has been thoroughly checked and regulated by our tech.


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How do you clean a flute?

Push the flute’s body to clean it. Attempting to reach all of the way through the flute from one end is not a good idea. If you want to turn the flute around, aim for the middle. The footjoint is one of the parts that needs to be cleaned.

What is the difference between beginner and intermediate flutes?

Most beginner flutes are made in the US. Most intermediate flutes have their bodies made in a factory. There will be a handmade headjoint for the intermediate flutes. Open holes are one of the features seen on intermediate flutes in the United States.

Is an Armstrong flute a good brand?

One of the best student instruments to buy is the arkins. I believe they are more durable than Yamahas and Jupiters. You can buy the 104s on Ebay for $100 used or $200 new.

How much does a solid silver flute weigh?

It’s important that a flute’s sound is beautiful, but it’s also important that the design and material are beautiful as well. A 14-carat gold flute has a weight of 500 grams, while a solid-silver flute has a weight of 450 grams.

What is a flute worth?

Entry level pro flutes can be had for as little as $2,500 and advanced students can get them for as much as $30,000. The overall cost of a flute is determined by a number of factors: Material – Most student flutes are made from nickel and plated with silver.

Do flutes get better with age?

Some flutes hold their value better than others because they were made by the same person. The wood used in Voilins makes them better with age.

Do open hole flutes sound better?

Does an open holed flute sound better than a closed hole flute? There is an answer in a nutshell. There are some points that need to be explored before you can make a decision. When using an open-holed flute, hand position can be improved.

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Are flutes made of silver?

nickel and silver are the most common materials used in flutes. Beginners flutes are made of nickel, but are silver- plated to prevent tarnishing. Intermediate flutes can be made of either silver or silver.

How can I tell what model my Armstrong flute is?

There are 2 digits, a dash, and 5 more digits in the “prefix” serial numbers. For example, serial number 24 to 58637 is 24 and 50. The serial number is 7 digits and there is no prefix. Conn-Selmer’s parent company has not published serial numbers for your model.

What are the different parts of a flute?

The head joint, body and foot joint are part of the flute. The keys are worked on by the rod system to make sure they are up or down.

Who made Armstrong saxophones?

The US Conn-Selmer group was formed by the merger of an independent US instrument maker with it. Some of their saxes in the 80’s were made in the Conn factory in Arizona, and later, after the merger, they were made in the Conn factory in Arizona again.

Why is my flute turning brown?

The flutes turn brown because of the tarnish. There is a chemical reaction between the silver of a flute and various compounds that causes the tarnish. The sound of a flute won’t be affected by tarnish on it.

How do you make your flute shiny?

If you want to learn how to make your flute shiny, begin by using Windex to clean the outside of your flute. Rub alcohol on a Q-tip or cotton ball to make sure it’s free of bugs. The flute’s body should be shiny and free of tarnish.

Why is my flute turning black?

Is there a cause of tarnish? The tarnish is caused by silver being exposed to sulfur. The film of silver sulfide is black in color when it is present in the atmosphere. Silver is darkened when silver sulfide forms on the flute’s surface.

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Are silver flutes worth anything?

Unless the instrument is badly damaged, it’s better to sell it intact on eBay. If the Wilkins models are in good condition and have an upgraded headjoint, they can bring in $600 or more. The body, keys, and mechanisms are all made of silver.

Do flutes need to be tuned?

Every time you play from a few millimetres up to 15 millimetres, your flute needs to be adjusted. It can be different depending on where you are playing. The cork inside the head joint can be adjusted in order to change the length of the flute.

How long should an intermediate flute last?

Flutists usually step up to an intermediate flute after about 3 to 5 years of playing the flute.

Are Windsor flutes good?

The Windsor flute is great for beginners. It has a nickel plated body and keys, as well as soft cleaning cloth, high quality pads, and a plush lined carry case with a shoulder strap.

How long should a flute last?

How long will it take for a flute to stop playing? The majority of flutes will last up to thirteen years. Sometimes parts need to be replaced, but for the most part they can last a long time. For at least ten years, most flutes don’t need any major changes.

Does a more expensive flute sound better?

The answer isn’t yes, no, or no. A good tone and overall tone control is what players who have developed a good tone and overall tone control will have. A competant player can easily learn how to use the professional flute, even though it is difficult to control in the beginning.

How do you tell if a flute is silver or silver plated?

The crown end is near the head joint. If you flick your index finger, it will hit the tenon end. If it does not ring, it is plated. If you get a dull thunk, it is silver.

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