How Much Are Excelsior Accordions Worth?

Is Excelsior a good accordion brand?

The high quality instruments being produced became very popular amongst the top American accordion players, and were playing on the jazz circuit. Many of the top professional players used accordions. Pietro Deiro Jr. and Charles Magnante were also included.

Who is Excelsior accordion made by?

Compagnia Elettro Musicale Excelsior s.r.l. produced the Exelsior brand name during the 1980’s and 90’s. Pigini became the owner of Exelsior.

How much is a good accordion worth?

A new entry level accordion will cost between $500 and $600. Prices can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on factors such as the brand, finish, and number of keys. Professional models can cost as much as $15,000.

Does anyone buy old accordions?

Many accordion lovers and people who do their own repairs look for bargains on eBay. They know what they’re looking for and will bid accordingly.

What is the most popular accordion?

The diatonic is one of the most common accordions in the Americas. It is small and always has button keys. If you push or pull the bellows, it will be smaller because there are two notes per button. It’s popular in a lot of different things.

Are old accordions worth anything?

If an accordion is in good condition and is made by a well-known manufacturer then it should be worth some money. How much depends on a number of factors. It can be worth a good amount of money to have an instrument used by a famous musician.


Does pawn shops buy accordion?

Pawn shops have taken in many musical instruments over the years. Guitars, saxophones, trumpets, violins and accordions are just some of the musical instruments that have been used as pawn shop loans.

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How long do accordions last?

A high quality accordion may last 40 to 50 years before needing any serious keyboard maintenance and should be kept clean and dry.

Is the accordion rare?

Vintage accordions are a rare and unique find because they are a new musical instrument.

What makes an accordion expensive?

It is done by hand with lots and lots of parts and operations. The perfect, shiny, beautiful-sounding thing has been made much the same way it was a hundred years ago.

What is the history of Excelsior accordions?

EXCELSIOR accordions were discovered in NY, USA in 1924. Many of the greatest American artists were influenced by the quality andVersatility of these instruments, and they were able to land in Italy where a new plant was founded in 1948.

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