How Many Lines Does Viola Have?

There was a total of 121.

How many identities does Viola have?

One of Viola’s biggest problems in the play is her identity. She must be both Cesario and herself due to her disguise. In the final scene, Viola is surrounded by people who have different ideas of who she is, and she is unaware of who she actually is.

What does Viola say to Olivia?

Viola tries to keep her true identity a secret, telling her that she can’t love a woman if she’s not what she’s made out to be.

How does Viola speak?

Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew all speak in prose. She speaks both verse and prose when she disguises as Cesario.

What does Viola say in the Twelfth Night?

It would be a shame for her to stay single since she is so beautiful, according to Viola. She thinks it would be a shame if she didn’t have children.

Are Sebastian and Viola twins?

Sebastian is related to Viola. Sebastian was drowned in the sea, after the beginning of the play, according to Viola. Sebastian was saved by Antonio, a sea captain who looked after Sebastian at risk to himself.

Why does Orsino love Olivia?

The Duke of Illyria is in love with another person. According to his attendant,Olivia decided to veil her face for seven years because she was sad about her brother’s death. Orsino would love to see her love directed at him.

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Is Viola in love with Olivia?

Viola is in love with Orsino despite the pleas of Olivia. He fell in love with a woman who thought she was Cesario. Sebastian, Viola’s twin brother, was mistaken for Cesario and agreed to marry her.

Why does Orsino marry Viola?

There are two reasons that Orsino would like to marry Viola. The first reason is that he was impressed by her devotion and fidelity.

Is 12th night in verse?

Half of Twelfth Night is written in prose, but 40% of it is written in verse. Look at the page in the text to see if prose or verse is being used.

What happens to Malvolio?

Malvolio undergoes his first transformation, from a stiff and wooden embodiment of priggish propriety into an epitome of the power of self-delusion, when he finds a forged letter fromOlivia.

Does Olivia speak in verse?

If she is speaking to someone else, she uses both prose and verse. Orsino talks mostly in verse. Shakespeare had two characters share the same number of words that make a line.

Why did Viola disguise herself as a boy?

In Twelfth Night, Viola dresses as the male Cesario in order to get into the court of Orsino. In Elizabethan England, women were not allowed to act professionally, and female parts were all performed by men, so Viola would have had to be played by a male actor.

Why does Viola meet Olivia?

Why does Viola want to help first the Duke and then the other two? I believe that there is a deeper desire pushing her toward the Duke’s Court and the Duke’s love interest, even though she explains that she wants to serve the Court to regain her reputation.

What is Olivia opinion of Malvolio?

Malvolio was rebuked for his “self-love” and said that Feste’s insults were only “birdbolts” that did no damage. It was 77 to 78. Maria told her that a young man was at the gate to see the other person.

When Viola did not take the ring from Malvolio what did he do?

Malvolio had accused Viola of leaving the ring, but she denied it. There are two words in this sentence: 2.12). Malvolio threw the ring onto the ground and said, “If it be worth stooping for, there it is, in your eye, if not, be it his that finds it” The number is 15 to 16.

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Why does Olivia invite Sebastian home with her?

She believes that he is Cesario. When she asked him to marry her, he said yes to that as well.

Is Sir Andrew in love with Olivia?

Sir Andrew is a great source of comedy relief, but his friends don’t like him and he isn’t able to get her to love him. He left before the end of the play because he didn’t have enough money or love.

How did Viola prove to Sebastian that she is his sister?

She can prove her identity by taking them to the home of a sea captain who knows of her disguise and is keeping her women’s clothes for her.

Why is Viola the hero of Twelfth Night?

The play has a main character named Viola. In an unfortunate and vulnerable position, she begins the play in a place where she doesn’t know anyone. She wants to figure out the customs and power dynamics of Ilyria without revealing who she is.

Does Sebastian like Antonio?

Antonio’s strong attachment to Sebastian leaves him vulnerable when he thinks he has been betrayed, because Sebastian taught him to face him out of his acquaintances. Sebastian finally confirmed his affection for Antonio.

What is Sir Toby’s role in Twelfth Night?

In Twelfth Night, Sir Toby is involved in a plot to trick Malvolio into believing thatOlivia loves him.

How old is Olivia in Twelfth Night?

The play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare does not reveal the exact age of Olivia. She’s most likely in her 20s.

Why does Olivia call in the priest?

She thought her new spouse was betraying her. She called the priest because she thought the young man in front of him was Sebastian, and he told her that he had just married the young man.

Do Antonio and Sebastian speak in prose?

Sebastian and Antonio speak to each other in prose when Sebastian leaves, but Antonio ends the scene with a verse of how headore(s)

Why does Andrew punch Sebastian?

Sir Andrew threw the first punch because he thought Sebastian was Cesario. Cesario wouldn’t fight back, but since he’s sebastian, the audience knows he’s going to beat him up.

How is Malvolio a Puritan?

Malvolio is an avid Puritan, one of the most notable characteristics of him. Puritans used to oppose plays and theatres because they were magnets for vices and immorality. Malvolio’s treatment in ‘Twelfth Night’ is seen as a critique of Puritan ideology by Shakespeare.

What type of English is Twelfth Night?

Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a romantic comedy written by William Shakespeare and is thought to have been written around 1601 to 1602.

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How does Orsino speak?

The duke is characterized by his first line, “If music be the food of love, play on”, which is the most melancholy character created by Shakespeare. His opening speech has many words such as “excess,” “surfeiting,” and “appetite”.

How now even so quickly?

The man was not the master. How soon? Is it possible to catch the plague so fast? I think I feel this youth’s perfectness, with an invisible and subtle stealth to sneak in at my eyes.

What age is Viola in Twelfth Night?

In Twelfth Night, Viola’s age is never mentioned, but she is portrayed to be older than she is.

Does Olivia marry Sebastian?

Cesario/Viola is repeatedly asked byOlivia to come back to her estate by using a variety of tricks and problems. She concludes that she needs to marry him. She married Sebastian because she was mistaken for Viola’s twin brother.

Why did Duke Orsino send Viola to Olivia?

The twin brother of Viola’s was killed in the wreck. She wants to work as a page to Duke Orsino in order to survive. Cesario, Orsino’s new page, goes to court for him despite being rejected before.

Who is Viola pretending to be?

She would like to help the Countess, who is grieving for his brother, but she won’t accept visitors. Instead of going to work as a maid, Viola went to work as a boy. Cesario is the name of the woman who made a good impression on the Duke who sent her toOlivia.

Why does Olivia deny Orsino?

She doesn’t want to marry Orsino because she doesn’t want to marry a man of higher rank and she doesn’t want to marry Cesario because he’s a man of lower rank. She wants to make the impression that mourning her brother’s death does not allow for the admittance of potential mates.

Is Viola an orphan?

She was orphans when she was four years old. When she was a child, Viola left the orphanage to live with her sister. She lived in Oklahoma when she was young.

How does Viola indirectly tell Orsino of her love?

Orsino said that Viola/Cesario had terrible taste in lines 30 to 40 and that she was like Orsino in age and appearance. Feste comes to sing his song and the conversation is stopped.

Why does the Duke trust Viola?

Why is the Duke trusting Viola? Duke Orsino likes Cesario because he thinks he’s young and attractive.

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