How Many Frets In A Bass Guitar?

Basses come in two sizes, 21 or 22 frets. The frets are notes. The more strings you have, the more notes there are. Most styles of music don’t require you to play those upper frets a lot.

How many frets does a Fender Jazz bass have?

The genuine Jazz Bass neck is made in Mexico. This neck was designed for pure playability and features a comfortable “Modern C”-shaped fingerboard profile.

Is 20 frets on a bass enough?

Bass players don’t need more than 20 frets on an electric bass guitar since they’re not playing bass notes anymore. Bass modernists take a lot of frets.

Why do bass have 24 frets?

The bass player needs a full two octave range on their bass in order to play it. The original version has dual soapbar pickups that are closer to the bridge for a more punchier sound. This is the most popular configuration and can only be found in standard style.

Is 22 or 24 frets better?

The fretboard of the guitars with 22 frets is shorter than the fretboard of the guitars with 24 frets. The neck pickup needs to be further away from the guitar bridge. It makes them sound fat and rounded. The 24 fret guitars have a neck pickup that is more balanced and defined.


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Is a 12 fret guitar easier to play than a 14 fret?

The 12-fret guitars are more comfortable to play for beginners and smaller players since they don’t have to extend as far to reach open position.

Is a 24 fret guitar worth it?

The shorter neck makes them easier to play because you don’t have to reach all the way down the fretboard. If you want to play more notes without moving down a string, a 24 fret guitar is a good choice. There are metal songs that need 24 frets to play correctly.

Can you play a bass without the frets?

The fretless bass guitar has no frets. It is similar to a traditional double bass in that the notes are intonated by the fingers.

Where is the 0 fret on a bass?

A zero fret is a fret at the end of the neck of a musical instrument. One of the functions of a nut is to hold the strings above the other frets in the instrument.

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