How Does Ukulele Produce Sound Brainly?

How is sound produced by Brainly?

Sound is a type of energy that is created by vibrating objects. The movement of air is caused by an object vibrating. The molecule bumping into each other causes them to vibrate.

How are sounds produced?

Sound is made when objects move. The air around the object is vibrating and entering your ears. You can hear the sounds of them. Some parts of a sound are always vibrating, even though you can’t always see them.

Where can u produce sound?

The vocal cords are attached to the largest of the laryngeal cartilages called the “Adam’s apple”. The vocal folds produce sound when they come together and then vibrate when air is exhaled from the lungs.

Is there a change in the sound produced when you pluck?

The sound will change from a high pitch to a low pitch as the rubber bands are plucked. Some of the vibrations are absorbed by a ruler. The rubber band that vibrates becomes shorter as time goes on.

How is Class 8 Brainly produced?

The sound is created by a vibrating body. There is sound in the surrounding medium when a body is vibrating. The sound source’s sound waves can be transferred to a medium.

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How does sound travels Brainly?

Sound waves travel through the air at 343 m/s and through liquids and solid objects at a faster rate. Waves transfer energy from the sound to the environment. The sound waves in your ear are caused by air particles vibrating.

How are sounds made ks2?

They say that the sound is caused by a vibrating object. The air particles that vibrate are called Molecules. The sound wave is formed by the molecule next to them vibrating. If the sound waves reach our ears, we hear it.

How is sound produced answer?

A sound is a mechanical wave that travels through the air. It’s made from a vibrating body. The medium that vibrates around the vibrating body is water, air, or something similar.

How is sound produced short answer?

Sound can be made by vibrating objects. The movement of air is caused by an object vibrating. Themolecules bumping into each other cause them to vibrate. They get bumped into air molecule.

How is sound produced Class 8?

Sounds are produced when something vibrates. The medium is vibrated by the body. Waves in the air are referred to as travelling longitudinal waves.

How does the larynx produce sound?

Voicing, breathing, and voice production are carried out by the larynx. The air that passes through the vocal cords creates sound waves that can be heard in the pharynx, nose and mouth. The amount of tension on the vocal folds is what determines the sound’s pitch.

Which object produces the loudest sound Why?

As far away as Perth in Australia, the sound of the Krakatoa eruption was heard as far away as 180 Decibels, making it the loudest sound ever recorded.

How are sounds produced by each rubber band different?

Different rubber bands have different frequencies because of their thickness or width. The rubber bands will sound different if they are thicker, heavier, and tightly stretched.

How is sound produced and changed?

The sound is created by a pressure wave. The pressure wave causes particles in the surrounding medium to move in a certain direction. The sound is transmitted through the medium when the particles vibrate.

How is sound produced and how is it transmitted and heard by US Brainly?

The eardrum is a thin, tightly stretched structure that protects the ears from sound waves. The inner ear receives signals from the brain when a sound wave strikes it. The brain is able to hear sound.

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What is the difference between noise and music and music become noise sometimes?

Is it possible that music becomes noise? There is ans. Music and noise are both unpleasant for our ears. Music can become noise when it goes beyond the range of sound we can hear.

How does sound usually travel?

Sound moves through waves. A mechanical wave moves energy from one place to another in a medium. There is a vibrating object. The medium is any series of particles.

Why do we not hear sound in outer space Brainly?

Sound travels on the earth because of the lack of air and air on the planet.

How does sound travel through liquid and air?

The denser the substance, the louder the sound waves travel. Water can be taken for example. A bottle of water has more particles in it than a bottle of air. Sound waves travel more quickly in water than in air.

What is sound in physics Brainly?

Sound is created when particles of a system vibrate together. It’s a type of wave. There is a brief explanation. Sound waves need something to carry them. The medium can be eitherliquid orgas.

How do we hear sound ks3?

The eardrum vibrates as a result of sound waves. Three small ear bones amplify the vibrations and make them larger. The tiny hairs in the cochlea send impulses to the brain when they detect the vibrations.

How is sound made ks3?

Sound waves can be produced by any object. Loudspeakers use electrical energy to convert it into energy. The sound waves are created by the cone being moved.

How is sound produced Class 9?

Sound is created by objects vibrating. The particles of an elastic body move back and forth about a central position. It is also referred to as a bug.

How is sound produced Class 7?

The sound is created by vibrating objects. The particles of the medium are vibrated when a body vibrates. Waves are created in the medium as a result of this. When it reaches the ear, there is a sound.

How is sound produced with example?

Sound is created when an object vibrates. The production of sound from the strings of the guitar is possible because when the strings are struck, the air molecule vibrates and makes the sound.

How is sound produced Class 6?

The sound is created by vibrating objects. The particles of the medium are vibrated when a body vibrates. Waves are created in the medium as a result of this. When it reaches the ear, there is a sound.

How is sound produced Ncert?

Sound can be produced by vibrating an object. The particles that are next to each other cause them to vibrate. When the sound reaches the person’s ear, we can hear it.

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How is sound produced in humans explain?

The muscles in our larynx become tight when we speak. The vocal cords vibrate when air passes through them. The louder the vocal cords are, the higher the volume of sound is produced.

How does the larynx help create sound and speech?

The vocal cords are brought together by the muscles in the bronchus. The portion of the vocal cords that vibrate produce a sound when the air leaves the lungs. The upper part of our throats makes speech.

What are the five sources of sound?

There are five sources of sound. Five sources of sound are acoustic instruments, electrical instruments, living beings, Man made sources and wind.

How loud is a bullet?

Most gunshots will register between 150 and 170 decibels. Hearing damage can happen very fast at these levels. It’s a good idea to point out the proximity to our ears. The loud noises that come from a shotgun or rifle are very close to our ears.

What is loudest sound in the world?

There was a volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa at 10.02 a.m. on August 27, 1884, which was the loudest sound in recorded history. Two thirds of the island collapsed as a result of the explosion, causing waves as high as 46 m (151 ft) to hit ships as far away as South Africa.

What is the quietest sound in the world?

Zero decibels sound pressure level (SPL) is a measure of the amount of sound we hear. Zero decibels is the smallest level of sound we can hear. We have an answer in its simplest form.

Which of the following objects will produce sound?

This is the first thing. When an object vibrates, it causes the air around it to move, and when the air bumps into each other, it makes the sound.

What did you observe when you plucked each rubber band and sound is produced?

There are rubber bands that move back and forth. The sound is created when an object makes a weight wave. The weight waved causes the particles of the medium to move in a certain direction.

Do you think that all objects can produce sound?

There will be a sound if an object vibrates. The sound wave is created by a vibrating object and can be either musical or noisy. Almost all objects will vibrate when they are hit or struck.

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