Does Viola Join The Straw Hats?

Does Viola betray Sanji?

Sanji was seen as an easy target by Viola because of his vulnerability to women. After using her Devil Fruit abilities, she found out that he had only genuine intentions in helping her, even though he betrayed her.

Is Violet a villain in One Piece?

One of the supporting characters in One Piece wasViolet, who was one of the former antagonists of the Dressrosa series.

Is Viola in love with doflamingo?

Doflamingo and Viola were in a relationship. It is highly unlikely that it was a consensual one because of Viola’s identity. This is a case in which One Piece showed its dark side. It wasn’t a lot of fans that noticed, but they were definitely disturbed.

Who is Nami’s love interest?

Are there any other places to start? The Manga itself harps on most, as well as the one most fans talk about, which is Sanji. Some are against it because of Sanji’s size and how much he loves women.

Does Doflamingo’s eyes ever appear?

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda gave fans an inside look at what the pirate had underneath his glasses, as he was seen with a couple different pairs of shades but never without them.

Is there a spider Devil Fruit?

The Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model:Rosamygale Grauvogeli is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a spider. Black Maria was the one who ate it.

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Does usopp have Haki?

The Kenbunshoku Haki was awakened by the fact that he was able to see auras of Luffy, Law, and Sugar, who were in the royal palace.

Who stole shusui from Zoro?

A dwarf named Wicca stole Shusui from a restaurant. The dwarf’s sword was reclaimed by Zoro after he caught him.

Who betrayed Sanji?

Fans of One Piece will be surprised when their favorite cook betrays his friends.

Is Sanji a traitor?

Sanji was not used to this moment. He’s a nice character in the One Piece series. His entire crew was the reason for his betrayal. Sanji felt that they would be in grave danger if he did not act.

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