9 Best Cheap Saxophone For Beginners

SLADE Saxophone Eb Alto Saxophone for Beginner Students, Saxaphone Adult, Saxophone Alto, Beginner Saxophone, Alto Saxaphone, Saxofon Alto, Saxophone, Magenta

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Eastar AS-Ⅱ Student Alto Saxophone E Flat Gold Lacquer Alto Beginner Sax Full Kit With Carrying Sax Case Mouthpiece Straps Reeds Stand

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Glory Gold Laquer E Flat Alto Saxophone with 11reeds,8 Pads cushions,case,carekit

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Nuvo Soprano Saxophone, Black/Blue (N520JBBL)

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Eastar AS-Ⅱ Student Alto Saxophone E Flat Gold Lacquer Alto Beginner Sax Full Kit With Carrying Sax Case Mouthpiece Straps Reeds Stand

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Aisiweier Gold E Flat Alto Saxophone Brass Engraved Eb E-Flat Natural White Shell Button Wind Instrument with Case Belt Brush

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LyxJam Alto Saxophone E Flat Brass Sax Kit, Professional Sound, Complete Accessories, Ideal for All Players, Includes Hard Case, 10 Extra Reeds, Strap, Gloves, Cleaning Kit & More, Gold Lacquer Finish

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Ktaxon Alto Saxophone Drop E Flat Brass Sax Beginner Sax Full Kit with Mouthpiece, Carrying Case, Gloves, Cleaning Cloth Bar, Detachable Strap, Shoulder Strap, Reed

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EASTROCK Purple/Golden Alto Saxophone E Flat Sax Full Kit for Students Beginner with Carrying Case,Mouthpiece,Mouthpiece Cushion Pads,Cleaning Cloth&Cleaning Rod,White Gloves,Neck Strap

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How much does a beginner saxophone cost?

If you want to get a good-quality beginner saxophone, you should spend between 1000 and 2000 dollars. Student models at this price range are reliable and will last a long time. There are cheaper options if you’re on a tight budget.

Is the saxophone easy for beginners?

Is it hard to learn a musical instrument? The saxophone is an easy instrument to learn. It’s perfect for beginners or people who want to switch from the piano or other woodwind instrument with similar technique.

Is alto sax easier than flute?

The flute is not as easy to play as the saxophone is. If you want to play softer notes on the saxophone, it may present some level of challenge. Saxophones have an easier embouchure than most other woodwinds.

Why are sax so expensive?

Saxophones are an excellent instrument for people to learn how to play, but the price at first can be hard to overcome. Saxophones are expensive due to the amount of research and development that went into them.

Is it hard to self teach saxophone?

The saxophone is an easy instrument to learn, and it’s a lot of fun. The saxophone is challenging to master, but it isn’t hard to start playing. It’s easier to make a sound on the saxophone than it is to make a good one.

Should I start with alto or tenor sax?

The most popular saxophone to learn is the alto saxophone, especially for younger players who might find it too heavy.

Should I start with alto or tenor?

I always recommend that younger players learn to play the saxophone because it is easier to manage. It’s smaller and lighter than it was. It is easy to carry and handle. If you’re a small person, you might find the alto suits more suited to you.

Can I learn saxophone in 3 months?

It will take between six months and a year to learn how to play the saxophone. It’s important to keep the skill long after you stop playing. You will want to keep going once you start.

What age should you start sax?

How old should I be to play an instrument? If you are at least 10 years old, you can start playing the Alto saxophone. The Alto is the best choice for young people.

Can you learn saxophone quietly?

Learning how to play the saxophone softly is dependent on your embouchure position. How you control the reed will affect how quiet or loud you are. To learn how to play softly, you can simply watch videos of people playing and see how they play.

Can I teach myself saxophone?

It will be difficult and time consuming if you don’t have the help you need to teach yourself saxophone. It’s possible to access online saxophone lessons at any time of the day or night. Don’t even think about playing if you don’t feel like it.

How many hours a day should I practice saxophone?

How long will it take to practice? If you want to learn the saxophone, you need to practice for at least an hour a day. If you want to become a professional, you should be working at least 2 to 3 hours a day.

What are the lowest saxophones?

There are five saxophones in pitch order.

What is the lowest register saxophone?

The range is the same for all saxophones, there is a saxophone fingering chart that can be found below. The lowest note is B flat and goes up two and a half lengths to the top F.

What is a very small saxophone called?

The smallest saxophone in the family is the sopranissimo saxophone. It is pitched in the middle of the saxophone’s range.

What is an old saxophone worth?

Dr. Rick and Terry Dean buy, sell and appraise old saxophones, flutes, clarinets and related odd or unusual instruments, and they say that gold- plated examples dating from the ’40s are worth $1,000, silver- plated ones about $800, and brass ones about $650. They say that dating from the ’50s would be less valuable.

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