10 Best Bass Guitar For Home Recording

Caline Pedals Driver Guitar Effects Pedal Classic Tube Bass Guitar Amp Pedal Metal Ture Bybass Wine Cellar Yellow CP-60

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AEROBAND Electronic Pocket Guitar, Bluetooth-enabled Portable Guitar Foot Bass/Kick Drum, Play and Practice Guitar with Lessons(1 Piece)

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Donner Bass Guitar Amp 30W Electric Bass Combo Amplifier DBA-30 with Onboard Clean and Distortion Overdrive Dual Tone Switching Practice

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Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar (ULB BKGMP),Gloss Black

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Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Brown Sunburst (GSRM20BS)

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Sterling by Music Man 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Lake Blue Metallic (RAY4HH-LBM-R1)

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Ovation Applause 4 String Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar, Right, Vintage Varnish (AEB4II-VV)

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Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar – Natural

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Ibanez Talman TMB100 MGR 2015 Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar

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Woocyhow Electric Bass Guitars,Exquisite Stylish IB Bass Guitar with Power Line and Wrench Tool Burlywood Color

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What do I need to record bass guitar at home?

Plugging into your audio interface is the easiest way to track bass at home. Every interface these days has either a dedicated Hi-Z input for recording line-level instruments directly like bass or electric guitar, or a combo XLR/TS jack that accepts an instrument cable.

What is the best way to record bass guitar?

Plugging a bass guitar into an instrument input on your audio interface is the most convenient way to record a bass guitar. Direct Injection is a method that is very effective in genres such as pop, blues, and rock.

How many decibels does it take to record bass?

If it is possible, record at 24 bits and aim for an average level of between -12 and -6 dB. It’s possible to do a lot with compression and EQ, but you have to do it at the mix stage. When you get to your mix, you’ll be able to hear the best sound off the studio floor.

How do I record bass directly to my computer?

DI is the most efficient way to record bass. Direct insert is referred to as DI. It’s when you put the instrument in the audio interface. It’s very easy.

Do you need a DI box to record bass?

You don’t need a DI box if you are using a mic or line input. If you want to plug a bass or guitar into a computer, you can use the instrument option.

How do you record on punchy bass?

If you don’t have an amplifier, using a DI box is a great way to record. Plug your bass into the interface or the DI box. Some producers don’t think about what they’re doing. The bass will be plugged into a DI box and then into an interface.

How many bass tracks should I record?

As many as four bass tracks, a DI and three mics, and somewhere in the blend of those four individual tracks, will give you the tone you need for each song.

Should kick be louder than bass?

The bass needs to be loud enough that the kick drum can’t hear it, but not so loud that it makes it sound bad. You should check your reference mixes often to make sure you are on course. If you want the bass level to be where you want it, don’t be afraid to change some of the other knobs.

Can you measure bass noise?

Audio-spectrum-analyzer software can be used on your computer or phone. Hold your phone in your listening position and put a test microphone in it. You can see the level of sound on the screen if you play the test tone that is right. The goal is for each bass to have the same level of frequencies.

Does iRig work with bass guitar?

To get started, you need to hook it up to your guitar/bass, headphones, and guitar effects.

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